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Kramer Logistics is standardizing operational and transactional processes to bring clarity and transparency to customers at every stage of the PPE sales cycle.

Learn more about us and our process below, and please contact us if you have any questions.

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We hold a strategic partnership with members of the US Electronic Crimes Task Force to enable us to verify PPE supplier credibility worldwide, ensuring that they offer products with verifiable certifications, quality construction, and fair pricing.

Our suppliers are on local-government approved import/export lists whenever relevant, as is required by the government entities that we guarantee delivery of product to. We also ensure every level of our supply chain adheres strictly to local and federal anti-price-gouging laws by ensuring that the sale price does not exceed a 10% markup across the entire supply chain.

These processes help us transact with government, medical customers, and partners, and we look forward to working with you.


Our process is strict in order to maintain transparency and clarity. As soon as we have all required information from you, we will pass you directly to our suppliers to handle payment and fulfillment.

Please note that our suppliers inventory is ordered directly from production allocations, ensuring product delivery is locked in. Our standardized process across all 15+ of our suppliers requires a 100% Escrow deposit, with 50% drawn down to lock in production allocation. From there, depending on the supplier, the remaining 50% will be released either on successful inspection and acceptance of the product at customer destination, or upon SGS inspection and shipment from the warehouse.

Our suppliers successfully deliver over a billion products each year. We’re looking forward to working with you! Get started by Requesting an Estimate below:


“Is the product in the US?” Demand is outweighing supply by over 10X, so the only way to ensure that you get the exact product you want safely and on time is to order directly from production allocations. Sellers claiming to have large supply sitting around in the US should be approached with extreme caution – much of the supply sitting in the US is either already purchased by someone else, was declined by another buyer at delivery, or is illegally overpriced. We highly recommend that you get on a schedule to lock down your product for reliable delivery.

“Can we pay on net terms?” No. In order to lock down your order directly into the production schedule of the products, you must follow our strict process which we’ve worked to standardize with over 15 suppliers. In some cases, individual suppliers offer Letters of Credit to government buyers that can allow net terms to work, but this is considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to ask about this ONLY if you are a government buyer.

“Can you find X product?” If a product you need isn’t in our catalog, we will attempt to find it through our network of suppliers. Please contact us to let us know what you need.

“Can I order quantities lower than the Minimum Order Quantity?” Our MOQs are defined by suppliers and non-negotiable, however our partner offers small-order PPE products in lower quantities. Visit The Studio and use discount code KRAMER for an additional discount.


For all onboarding, ordering, and product-related inquiries, please email us directly using the button below. The quickest way for us to help you is if you’ve Joined our Customer Portal.

PLEASE NOTE: Only contact us for emergency PPE if you are purchasing for medical professionals (doctors, nurses, hospitals, government, etc.

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